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November 22, 2004
freeform jam with brennan

November 21, 2004
hate the deer

shit. shit. no really, shit. :( but everything's ok. 
anybody know how to do some good distortion/overdrive effects in software?
All of mine sound way too digital...

Definately gonna have the windows version of Jesusonic out by Christmas.
Pretty much have decided it will be free, too. The effects included will
be GPL'd.. 

On another note, amazingly, it took me all day to do the :wq for this, heh.
I wrote it after midnight, now it's 4pm. anyway.


November 19, 2004
freeform jam with bren

November 17, 2004

November 10, 2004
<3 swedes

Holy crap. Ian earlier told me to listen to the band Dungen, and they are
so fuckin good. The album I have is "Ta Det Lungt", and it's just ridiculously
good. really. Anyhoo, I gets to go back east now, byee.


November 6, 2004
it's all launched by now

The Jesusonic Web Site is coming along, as is the software and hardware.

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November 5, 2004
dont click this link unless you're ready for it

I really think that John Carpenter was on to something when he made Escape From LA..


November 4, 2004
freeform jam with chrbren2
freeform jam with chrbrennan

November 3, 2004
here comes the fraud

Oh boy, sigh.
I'm anxious to see how the provisional ballots look in Ohio. While it is
doubtful that they will have an effect on the outcome, it would be interesting
to see if they differ greatly from the overall vote--i.e. if they do, it
would make one think that there had been some systematic (i.e. non-random)
reason why a lot of people were not able to vote. 200,000 or even 100,000 
people in a state of 5 million is a lot... 


November 1, 2004
jesusonic can play drums, too

The Jesusonic now can do a drum machine. The patchset in this 
ditty is one I hastily recorded yesterday.


October 23, 2004
freeform jam with brennan

October 20, 2004
still working...

getting there. Need to sand a bunch, make a lid for the far side,
and get a thumbscrew for the right lid (it has a little storage
compartment to put the power supply/etc in).

Under linux, have the latency down to about 10ms, still working on getting it
lower and more robust. I like ALSA a lot compared to other audio APIs (god knows
waveOut and directsound suck for this sort of thing), though some things don't 
seem to work exactly the way I'd like...


October 16, 2004
sad sad sad

Oh yeah, this episode of frontline has some good stuff in it, too.
Particular the last chapter, where you see Kerry speaking right BEFORE the
Iraq war, and you realize he saw it coming exactly. Watch it. Chapter 8.


October 15, 2004

Holy crap, Jon Stewart got even (how is this possible?) more awesome.


freeform jam with christophe


October 13, 2004
here it comes

woohoo. Wish the keyboard was of the backlit variety. 
I need to reinforce the screen mounts, too. But yum.


October 12, 2004
jesusonic info

almost there. We have functionality. Now to add the backlit keyboard, 
mount the screen above the motherboard at an angle, and finish the case. mmm.

For keyboard, I'm trying to get one of these.
But the rep from the distributor I talked to hasn't called me back, sigh.
Hopefully they will soon.


October 9, 2004
stupid (smart?) politicians ignore the obvious

Something has been pissing me off about these debates. It's that sometimes there
are arguments that at least to me, the non-political non-accountant non-lawyer,
are not being made.

For example, Bush says that Kerry's tax increases for the rich will hit around 
900,000 people who own small businesses that are subchapter S corporations 
with higher taxes, therefor making them less inclined to create jobs.

Kerry's argument back is that many of these subchapter S corps are people who
have tiny shares in companies, and the actual number is more like 200-300k.

OK that's valid, but they are missing the BIG FUCKING POINT!

My understanding of subchapter S corporations is that only PROFIT or LOSS can be
passed through to the shareholders' tax returns. So really, in order for you,
as a subchapter S shareholder, to be hit by a tax increase for the rich (I 
believe they like to stay starting at 200k) is if your business PROFITS more
than 200k in a given year. Not grosses, but profits. So the argument that Bush
is making, basically becomes:

   Small businesses that are very successful and making their owners over
   200k a year will be hit with higher taxes, therefor those business owners
   will not be as inclined to hire more people, etc.
Which just doesn't make sense, at least to me, the small business owner. If
you're making over 200k a year, paying an additional 10% in taxes, really,
isn't that big of a deal. 

Nevermind the arguments that Bush makes, that "taxing the rich won't work
because they have lawyers and accountants and can get out of paying taxes".

HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT (or something very close to that).


October 9, 2004
don't get me started on missle defense

I wrote up a slightly clearer version of my earlier rant, and sent it to the Kerry campaign (though I'm sure it'll never get read). Here is it: ---begin quote This is regarding the debate of whether raising taxes for individuals making over $200,000 a year is bad for small businesses. The problem with the Kerry campaign's position on the subject is that they only dispute the number of small businesses who would be affected. The reality of the way subchapter S corporations works is that only PROFITS or LOSSES for a corporation can be passed to the shareholders, so only businesses who are PROFITING over $200,000 a year would have increased tax. This is an important distinction, because it undermines the point of what Bush likes to say, that (paraphrasing) "businesses will not be able to create or maintain jobs if you increase the taxes on them". This is nonsense, because paying employees would happen pre-tax, as an expense. Please please please use this perspective at the next debate. Please. For all of us. Thank you, Justin P.S. A one line summary is: "Taxing corporate profits isn't taxing employment." ---end quote.


October 8, 2004

More cross action. soon it will be working. Very soon. mmm.


freeform jam with biderman


October 6, 2004
better linkx

Perhaps a better link for the video of APC's cover of Imagine is 
this one (use realplayer or *cough*better*cough* Real Alternative) 


October 4, 2004

Woot the cross is coming along....

Wow, A Perfect Circle continues to amaze me. The album Thirteenth Step is
so wonderful, the video for "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drum"
is so insanely good, and now, their cover of "Imagine"... wow. The video for it, especially...


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