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June 21, 2003
work work work

Happy solstice or thereabouts.

Been back for a while now, got all the work stuff sorted out. I'm at
least content now to get Winamp 5 out, we'll see how it all goes from

I got some stomach bug or something, I think Allison had it a week ago.
Bleh, feeling a little better today though.

I joined the man-purse club the other day. Hah hah. Now I can carry
around lots more shit with me. But not _too_ much, meaning no 8lbs
laptop (thank god, that thing was pain to carry).

Was gonna get to go to the AOL Lou Reed show at the Warfield tonight,
but my fever just broke this morning, so I better take it easy.  Going 
to see Mogwai monday, which I'm excited about, though.

Recorded this in a couple of hours last week:

It's kinda groovy, and has a few problems, but overall I like it.
My sister's gonna come visit in 10 days, and we're gonna play around.
She may have some [good?] influences on me, what with getting me to 
make more structure in things. But then again, maybe structure is 
overrated? Anyway, fun stuff.

Hmm I still need to make the real finger work on this, I think I'll
do that now. :)


June 19, 2003
mobile update

driving from Molinaris (mmmmm) to work with dave and mig


June 17, 2003
mobile update

argh jon's gonna kill me


deja vu
moog fun


June 17, 2003
mobile update

riding in cab to work with rOn


June 16, 2003

June 5, 2003

I'm now on an island in North Carolina going to a wedding (well, the 
wedding is this weekend) of a friend. Just catching up to the shitstorm
[erm, not really a shitstorm, just a flood of supportive emails]
from the previous entry, heh. Apparently some vague typo-laden comments 
can become the basis for a pretty inaccurate and assuming AP story. Bleh.
[and it didn't stop there, so much of these writers/reporters seem to be
taking huge liberties in their reports. makes me 
not believe _anything_ I read in the press... ]

Alas, now there's the beach. It's hot outside. Good times.


June 4, 2003
mobile update

a boat before we got on the ferry, oops


June 2, 2003
my old annoying quoted outburst

For me, coding is a form of self-expression. 

It's probably the form I'm most effective at.

Everything I code is arguably owned by the company. 

The company controls what I do with my code [in the past, it seemed I had 
freedom, but it turns out all of that was not really the case--rather, I 
was somehow avoiding the control illicitly (for 4 years)]

The company controls the most effective means of self-expression I have. 

This is unacceptable to me as an individual, therefore I must leav.

I don't know when it will be, but I'm not going to last much longer.

I have nothing but respect for the company--I've just come to realize that
it is time to do something different.


May 31, 2003
the plan goes here (though it wasn't really a plan at this point)

Moving my .plan here. Finger has been firewalled on genghis for weeks since
the (lame) network rebuild, so it's hosed.

The last few days have been, erm, interesting, it will be, erm, interesting
to see how they end up panning out. But I'm feeling pretty good, though like
usual feeling misunderstood. I'll try to clear it up next week.

At Ian's suggestion been listening to Slint a bit. Good shit. So funny that
one of the guys from Slint is now in Zwan, and Zwan sucks so hard. Well, they
rule as musicians, but their songs suck. I don't want to listen to 
christian rock.

Winamp 2.92 will have CD ripping support, with support for OGG. OGG VBR at
0.0 sounds pretty decent, listenable, at like 60kbps. I'm pretty impressed
with it.

Yesterday driving home I listened to Lamb - Zero a couple times. Such a good
song. So simple. Mmmm.


May 26, 2003
a bit uncoordinated

May 17, 2003
broke my string

May 13, 2003
mobile update

this is work. too bad it sucks sometimes


May 13, 2003
mobile update

mmmm mama's. about to go in with steve dave and christophe


May 12, 2003
mobile update

leaving adara's apt to go eat


May 12, 2003
mobile update

eating lunch with my sister


May 11, 2003
mobile update

visiting adara in portland


May 3, 2003
mobile update

yee haw the east coast tour continues with boston. in case I forgot to 
update, there was dc for a few days too...


April 30, 2003
mobile update

walking with jonathan to dinner


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