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March 15, 2020
Super8 (Social Distancing)

I bicycled from Manhattan to Brooklyn to play the piano some, and do a little Super8 session:

On Wednesday, I had gone to the studio (which is right by Fairway) in the afternoon and stayed until the evening. I went into Fairway, which was pretty normal-ish. After my cancelled band practice and trip home, there had been a presidential address, which was a total failure in pretty much every way I could see, other than getting peoples attention. The next day, I went to the studio, and stopped in Fairway on my way home to get a few more things, and it was a total madhouse. Such a difference in a day.

Anyway since Wednesday we've been practicing Social Distancing, which is both easy and not easy. It's only been 5 days but it's going to be challenging.

A friend and I discussed food strategies via text. What Allison and I are doing now is basically trying to keep a stocked pantry with a list of things that we wouldn't mind having more of, and when we need something, we'll go buy that thing we need and other things from the list of things that we wouldn't mind having more of.

Last Sunday we were scheduled to fly to California, and yesterday I was scheduled to run a 50 miler in Marin County. We cancelled our trip the day before, which made me sad but after an exercise in sunk cost (figuring the difference in cost to proceed with the trip vs cancel, ignoring non-refundable stuff), it made total sense. Yesterday I found out the race was cancelled anyway.

There's my rambling. Someone on twitter said now was a good time to try journalling. My first thought is "my filesystems are all ext4, baby." I lied, I'm on a mac at this moment.


live solo improv: super8 distance

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