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April 11, 2020
getting through the days at home

This is my first pedalboard. Andy was very very kind to give me The Wave and the Big Muff Pi and Pog, and I always coveted his Sunset. And I also copied his Iridium since it seemed appropriate. Anyway, so much fun. Good for recording and NINJAMming.

I also posted a song (second opinion) below... the drums I recorded when I stopped to check in on my studio, the rest from home. The words were a poem written by my grandfather (in the 90s, I imagine, given some of the references). My family edited and (self)published some of his works on Amazon.

Life keeps going on. Today I was looking at the graphs and timelines of things and got really angry with our state-level leadership (federal is another level of anger and despair). Had Cuomo put PAUSE in to effect a week earlier, think how many lives would've been saved. 15,000 cases before doing anything is way, way too many. California did their stay-at-home order with ~900. Bravo.

There's no use being angry, maybe, and I fully appreciate not having to be responsible for so many other peoples lives. I don't think a lot of politicians think this through -- the responsibility that comes with the power. Cuomo and Bill de Blasio clearly did not. There is no need for me to mention the other person who doesn't take the responsibility seriously. That's another league, and while some people say a malignant narcissist I prefer "bag of shit."

So now, I'm drinking a G+T made with the best grapefruit I can recall having had, making nothing of a perfectly lovely evening at home.


Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 1 - Face the Lies -- [6:58]
Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 2 -- [7:13]
Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 3 -- [5:53]
Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 4 - The Random Few -- [8:43]
Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 5 - Force Majeure -- [7:59]
Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 6 - Renormalize -- [15:17]
Not Vampires (NINJAM) - 7 - Major Reprise -- [4:50]

Posted by schmoe on Sun 12 Apr 2020 at 12:08 from 172.218.181.x
I'm in Canada, but I was watching the "bag of shit" in a press conference the other day and to me he looks lost, like he's just saying things with no attempt to look like he believes any of it. I hope you and your family (and your city) come out the other side of this stronger.

Posted by bee on Tue 14 Apr 2020 at 19:53 from 95.151.177.x
People are either service to self,or service to others.
No amount of money will ever change that imo- especially once we hit the final graveyard or urn.
Being *greedy* and power hungry,is what leaves others in need.
The worlds highest earners could be capped at sensible limits,imo,to leave some fruits for others,and put back into health and infrastructure systems.

Tea bags are more useful than shitbags.lmao.
Hope your enjoying the fruits of the pedal boards labourers.
+Enjoy the fruits of nature,care for them,and they will care for you. ;)
Bless the human hands.

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