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September 30, 2004
fuck the ipod

Got an Archos AV480. So awesome, it's the first portable device that makes
me want to use it rather than my ipod. Only a few requests, for Archos:
  + make it so navigation of lots of files in the browser views is faster, 
    i.e., more acceleration on the cursor. Or make it configurable.
  + MPEG-1 support would be so awesome. I want to be able to drop in my 
    VideoCD-bitrate (or less) MPG and play it natively. Pleaase :)
  + DIV3 (classic DIVX) support would be nice too. Transcoding is lame. 
  + being able to schedule recordings via a simple text file (rather than
    using Yahoo calendar stuff), so you could specify:
      M,T,W,Th 20:00 0:30 249 "The Daily Show"
    for a recurring recording would be sweet.
  + (would be total gravy) Visualizations for audio (you guys want a contractor to
    do it? I may be able to help.. let me know)
  + Oh yes, being able to charge (or at least trickle charge) via USB would
    be nice, too..

Other than that, so awesome. The ability to just record any program and have
it encode it is brilliant, love it. 



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