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March 25, 2005
jesusonic updates

What's going on with Jesusonic:

  + jesusonic.com was down for a bit, but is back up now. the forums will
be back up shortly. the user submissions database was restored from an old
copy, so submissions that were from the last 2.5 weeks are not up, but they
will be back in the next few days too.

  + I've decided to use the Jesusonic prototype #1 (pictured on the web
site and whatnot) for our band's second show, which should happen in May 
here in SF. This will be the Jesusonic's stage debut! I'll post details of the
show once the scheduling is finalized.

  + I've begun construction of a secular Jesusonic prototype, which will be
slightly larger than the Pod XT Live, and will feature a detachable footboard,
8 assignable knobs (4 rotary encoders and 4 pots), balanced outputs, two inputs
(both hi-z and lo-z) and other refinements. For this prototype I'm moving 
from Basswood to 1/4" cabinet grade plywood, but I'm thinking I'll get 
some ABS cut from TAP plastics if this design works well. In the mean 
time, I've been reading up on my scrollsaw technique, so hopefully
I can go make some nice clean straight cuts. Pictures will follow shortly.

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