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April 2, 2005
it's late (or early)

It is quickly approaching 5 in the morning, and I just got home. After seeing
a midnight showing of Napoleon Dynamite, and a spirited rehearsal turned jam,
I decided to ride my bike the mile or so home. San Francisco SoMa and Mission
is awesome at 4 in the morning on a bicycle. Nobody around, quiet, concrete 
playground. yum.

Also, I got some Etymotic 6i headphones for free (SV100 or whatnot), and while
I'm not completely sold on their everyday use for me (a bit itchy at times),
they are fuckin perfect for band practicing. They block out so much sound,
and when you mix in the monitors, feel really natural. OK they are good for
planes too..

The highlight of the jam we had is this song of epic proportion (or should that be 
plural?). Listen to the whole thing (start to finish) if you want to get it. 



freeform jam with brenchr

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Posted by bastard luvr on Sat 02 Apr 2005 at 10:35 from 24.7.85.x
Sounds like fun...
The concrete jungle is alot of fun, and the dirty hippy in me says bikes are the best way to get around. The weather is turning out to be good for bikes now YAY!

The song is great! Fuzzed and dirty as all hell, just how I like it.

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