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April 8, 2005
things come together

After working on many of the parts seperately, I finally got to put the box 
together, and suddenly everything worked! (I have't done the audio subsytem
yet, waiting on parts, so this is just the UI and whatnot). Woohoo! My 
knobs were all backwards, but a quick firmware update later, that was fixed. 
And the range on the expression pedal needs calibration, but that'll be an 
easy software fix. And I think I want to put a hinge on the lid for easy 

Got my temporary crown, joy. Somehow I've managed to get up early every day
this week (the week after DST change, at that!), and it's really driving me
into the ground. mmm need coffee..

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Posted by internuggler on Fri 08 Apr 2005 at 09:43 from 128.223.199.x
temporary crown :-( i just got my wisdom teefers out yowch.

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