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March 20, 2018
bug report

a recent email exchange, paraphrased:

On 3/14/18, Someone Else Wrote:
| We have received a project from a user that has Plugin Name that was saved with Plugin Name v1 and 
| now, using Plugin Name v2, the name has changed and the project doesn't load the plug-in.
| The filename for Plugin Name changed, are you saving the filename in the project, or using the VST3 ID?
| Project attached.

We save the VST3 ID and the filename (if the VST3 ID is not found, we fall back to the filename).

It appears the ID in the project you attached is encoded as:


and the ID v2 of the plug-in exposes is:


It appears that there's an additional 0x20 inserted in the ID. 0x20 is a space character, and I
noticed that v1 of the plug-in is called "PluginName", and v2 is "Plugin Name"...

Hope this helps!



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