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September 8, 2004
les claypool had it right

We woke up to the massive amounts of rain which I can only assume were given
to us by hurricane frances. yum, flooding.
I flew back to SF today, which was a bit grueling, but after having a burrito
and a brief conversation with strangers at the taqueria-like establishment,
I'm now tired and feel like retiring to watch the daily shows I missed thus
far this week.

To the bastards who have been DoS attacking machines on this network: please
stop. it's way lame. really. i mean it, too.

The other night I saw a taped Nader speech on CSPAN. It was actually quite 
compelling. If I compared 15 minutes of what he said to the "big two" candidates
my choice would be quite clear. But keeping in mind the big picture, the choice
(for me) is just as clear (and it's not Nader). Sorry dude, I think you're
amazing and spot on, but I can't vote for ya.

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