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September 12, 2004
sleazy music

Today I was driving to pick up Al from the airport, and listening to 
the album 'Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X', and I started thinking about
how strange (albeit good) an album it is... now some of my impressions
may be incorrect, but:

It's an album written and produced by two guys, joined for lyrics
by a woman who sounds (and afaik is) fucking hot, and the lyrics are
clearly written by the guys. The lyrics are borderline crude, but
as a guy, I find a woman singing them to be strangely titillating.
To think, these guys temporarily add a woman singer to their band,
back in the time where it was the "in" thing to do, have her sing
ridiculous and offensive lyrics, and it all works really well. 

Who would have thought that it would work? 
It's too bad I don't find their newer albums (well, only heard "Bloodsport") any good...


freeform jam with kevin

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